Top Five Ways To Ruin Antiques

Top Five Ways To Ruin Antiques

An antique is a decorative object that is valuable because of its age.  These days, people collect antiques for a number of reasons, including sentimental value, their monetary worth and for the purpose of adding charm to their home.  Because antiques are generally old already, they require a little more attention and care.


One of the top ways to ruin your antiques is by not protecting them in a way that would prevent breakage or damage.  If you have a display cabinet, use it to house your antiques.  This will allow you to still enjoy a visual of your collection without having to worry about having them jumbled around during everyday activities.


If you want to preserve your antiques, keep them out of the weather.  Extreme temperatures, including hot or cold, can damage practically anything.  In addition, the moisture from rain and/or snow may cause harm to your antique collection.  Therefore, make sure to store your collectibles inside, where they will be protected from the outdoor elements.


Antiques are the most valuable when in their original condition, which means that taking great care to keep your collectibles mint will go a long way in protecting their worth.  Making alterations to your antiques is one way of ruining them, so try to maintain their original integrity as much as possible.

Poor Condition

One way to ruin anything, including antiques, is to neglect them.  Think of an antique car and what makes it so valuable.  Is it because the owner has cared for the car properly and done everything possible to preserve it over the years?  The same is true with any antique, which means you will need to clean and maintain it from day one, including glassware, furniture or other collectibles.

Out Of Reach 

Whether its little hands or little paws, your antique collection should not be kept in a place where children and/or pets can gain access.  Not only are they curious by nature, but they could also unintentionally damage your antiques.  One of the surest ways to ruin your antiques is to let wandering hands or paws come across them.

Now that you know how to protect your antiques, it’s time to continue building on your collection.  Yard sales, garage and estate sales, flea markets, online auctions, classifieds, antique shows and even specialty magazines are all terrific places to find the antiques of your dreams.  Before buying as an investment, always look for imperfections or damage that may affect the value.